Morning Makeup Routine!

Hi!  Faith here! I thought it would be fun to share what I do to my face in the morning! (I totally got this idea from Mary Kate Robertson’s blog post on what is in her makeup bag, which you can check out here!  But anyway, we are rolling with it!)

I am a pretty simple girl when it comes to makeup, and really how I get ready in general in the morning.  If it takes up too much of my time, I end up dreading it and falling off the boat within a couple of days.  I do like to get ready and take the time to myself in the morning though, so I have to find a happy medium.  I think that my makeup routine takes about 10 to 15 minutes in the morning, which I know is probably a lot to some and very short to others, but it is just what works best for me.  I also think that I have totally perfected my routine this summer because I love doing it.  I have found myself looking forward to getting ready!  So here is what I do:

First of all, I just rinse my face with water.  I read somewhere, in some magazine, that some famous person said (I know a very trustworthy source), that your face produces healthy oils overnight and it strips your face if you wash it every morning.  And while it might be just made up, I have found that this really works for me.  My skin is much happier when I just rinse it with water, and it is super low maintenance!

After I rinse my face, I try to let it air dry as much as I can while I am brushing my teeth.  Bacteria can grow on washcloths very easily and then can be transferred to your face and can cause acne.  So I try to use a towel/washcloth as little as possible.  But it doesn’t always dry all the way, or I am in a rush, so I do have a towel that is just for drying my face.  

Once my face is dry, I will walk over to my vanity, which I know is sort of silly, but it is where I keep all my makeup, and I love it.  Anyway, I will walk over there and sit down and start my makeup.  

Day to day, I wear very little, if any at all, face makeup.  So if I am going to wear blush, I will put some of this lotion on my face so it has time to sink in before I put anything else on.  I have the scent lemon spearmint, and part of the reason I use it on my face, even though it is a body lotion, is because it smells so strongly.  It really fills up a room.  

Next, I will move onto my eye makeup, which is really the bulk of what I do.  I take a brown eyeliner pencil and a flat eyeshadow shader brush and apply the eyeliner to the tip brush.  Then I use the brush to apply the eyeliner.  I just think that extra step makes the eyeliner look more smoked out and not so harsh.  I am currently using this one from Almay, but I just grab whichever one looks the best for the cheapest price.  After that, I will curl my eyelashes and apply mascara.  Right now I am using Great Lash by Maybelline, which I actually really like!  I have it in brownish black, which again I think just makes the whole look not too harsh.

For the last step, if I feel like wearing blush, I will apply blush.  I start on the apples of my cheeks and always apply in an upward sweeping motion.  I will also apply blush down my nose because I think it makes me look like I have gotten some sun.  I use a blush by Lancome that my mom gave to me in the shade Shimmer Mocha Havana.

And that is it!  Makeup is a part of my morning routine that I love doing.  I hope you enjoyed this little insight into what I do in the morning!  

Have a blessed day!


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